egg hell.

Egg Hell is a band based in Athens, Greece.


When two years ago I’d just performed with Leonidas from my wet Calvin in order to present what then felt like an ultra sophisticated second EP, I was in search of something.
I was tackling most of my fears of Change, and trying to put ambition in its place. After all, I had, and still have, done almost nothing.
I began playing at 17 because of a girl (as you do), and then as most noteworthy trips in one’s life, this one has been about so many things, so healing and graced with people from different countries, who sat and listened, who fed me and let me crash in their house, who have been more family than family to me. And now, six years later, after this and that, I’m proud to be in a place comfortable enough in order to let that silly name “Egg Hell” in the hands of four other friends who did all of the above in one way or another, and who are willing to take that boat trip with me.
So, yes. Egg Hell is a band, as it always wanted to be, and our first work together is done. A long process, tumultous in all the boring ways which prevent me to put it in direct analogy with our album’s theme and name, it is now waiting to be released. And it will be, this November by Inner Ear records.

From now, let’s talk a bit more often.



First of all, what a summer. I was lucky enough to be part of Cezaris Graužinis’ take on Oedipus Rex, traveling all over Greece with some great, great people. We had an amazing time, tiring at times, but mostly quite magical. 

And now it’s September, and we’ll finish the recordings for Egg Hell’s first full-length album. 13 songs, some of which new, some you might’ve heard before.
It will be about many stories, some of which intertwine historically, some of which are similar in subtle ways, but they are all connected in a way or another.

To start off this fall on a nice note then, we’ll be playing at Six DOGS on Sunday the 9th. We’ll play some of the new, some of the old, and quite a shitload of covers. Ah, it had been too long.
Also, the last copies of the Brownie Crumbs EP will be for sale that night.

Hope to see you there.


Holy crap, I thought, I haven’t visited my blog in ages. And then tears, booze, narcotics, cheap whores, and a truckload of guilt in its purest form struck me in the groin.

Ah, so where were we? Yes.

A band. Apparently things are fermenting into a slow yet tasty mixture of quote-unquote musicians, all willing to sacrifice their self-respect in order to play under what must be the silliest band name in recorded history. Which of course means we are currently rehearsing, rearranging, preparing, waiting, and sooner than yours truly could’ve ever expected and/or hoped, getting into the studio, multimillionaire record deal alluringly waving at our faces, all dipped in the best Tentura this soil has to offer.

It’s still about some sort of ship.

Serenata Invertida in Buenos Aires

From radio La Tribu’s “Serenata Invertida”. Shot on 22/09/11 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Thirteen Songs

The first awkward steps are being taken in home recordings and talks with producers in order to somehow up, or at least change, the sound of the hell eggs.
The album will have thirteen songs. That’s the only thing we know for sure yet, and if there is any form of celestial authority around, it will keep me away from any upcoming xbox releases, for a good four weeks at least, when the big bulk of the “album” will be done.

(note: many excellent pieces of videogaming have been blatantly neglected in this current process of recording, which for you may not be a big deal but for a respectable gamer like myself is)

Meanwhile, some gigs here and there, the weirdest standout being tonight’s (4.nov.11) opening of Thanos Anestopoulo’s gig. Thanos is the ex singer of this semi-legendary Greek Band “Diafana Krina”. I used to be a huge fan as teenager.

That’s it for now, will keep you posted.


Landing in Athens after the longest plane trip ever endured by my brain. Incredible climax due to the grey weather, punishingly imposing itself on the Athenian background, among dancing junkies, streets filled with trash, and my best buddies in this world.

It’s moving time now.


Both Egg Hell EPs are now online on Grooveshark!

Hope you’ll enjoy, and share  :)

Black and White Shoes - by Vincent Moon

Shot in Athens (2009) by Vincent Moon as part of the “Temporary Area in Athens” project.

The song is from my first EP “egg hell.” (2009), which can be downloaded here.